Showtec production d.o.o. is Slovenia based company, which specializes in media industry and broadcasting.

Our sister company Showtec media ltd. is based in London and together we create, produce, plan and distribute media content.

We believe in global connections and they are our vision. With correctness, reliability and quality we constantly make new business partners all over the globe. Besides Slovenia and UK, we also have representative offices in Kuwait and Kairo.

As an independent production company we are able to provide you with everything you need for ideo production, TV series, film. From technical equipment, to the crew, that will provide you with the final product. We did collaborations with other production companies all over Europe and Middle East. We love challenges and dare to think that with our help you can make your vision come true. As already said we can deliver you a final product from scratch.

We have years of experience and a highly skilled and educated team, which is devoted to every new project. For more information, quotations and other enquiries please contact us.